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b bitless bridles

Modelled by "Towser"

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Modelled by "Frankie"

Bitless Bridles

Made to measure. Suitable for horses, ponies and donkeys (including miniature).
Gentle, effective control for riding, driving and leading.
The bridles are made from ¾" (20mm) nylon web with a padded brow band and a 1" (25mm) padded nose band. They are light, typically 180-200gm, and standard reins may be used.

Bitless Bridles: £37.00

Matching Reins:

Double thickness ¾" web.
Sewn on, trigger hook or buckle

Sewn on: £5.00
Trigger hook or buckle: £6.50
Driving reins: £POA

Please state required attachment and length with order.

Colours available: Black, White, Brown, Red, Burgundy, Emerald, Forest, Royal, Navy, Yellow, Grey, Bright Blue.

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Two tone available.

Measuring for a Bridle

bitless diagramMeasure:

  1. A to A right round nose
    approx 1.5-2 in (40-50mm) back from lips.
  2. A to A (where cheek pieces finish) across top of nose.
  3. B to B across brow between cheek straps for brow band.
  4. A through B, behind ears and through B to A on other side for head piece.

measure07How It Works

Pressure from the reins attached at A (see sketch) translates to gentle pressure below the jaw via crossed elements B, to the nose via the nose band C and at the poll D. This is a painless process and works as well leading as it does riding or driving.

Bitless bridles are ideal for animals with mouth or dental problems.