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Modelled by "Toby"

b exfoal slip

Extra small foal slip

b s foal slip

Small, Foals courtesy of Barley High Stud

Donkey Headcollars

Specifically designed for donkeys. ¾ or 1" nylon web with choice of adjustable or padded, fixed nose band.

Buckle under jaw available on request.

Colours: Black, White, Brown, Red, Burgundy, Emerald, Forest, Royal, Navy, Bright Blue, Grey and Yellow.

Two-tone and multi-coloured made at no extra cost.

-click here to view colours-

Standard sizes, fixed or adjustable: £15.50
Standard - 9-10 hh.
Standard - 11-12 hh.

Miniature - £13.50 Please specify size.
New born.
Small adult.
Large adult.
Or made to measure at no extra cost.
Matching leads available.

Miniature Foal Halters £13.50
Foal slips with padded noseband in ¾" soft webbing.
Fits from birth to 9 months.
Suitable for mini donkey and mini horse foals.
2 sizes, small and extra small.
Colours as headcollars.

Miniature Horse Headcollars £13.50

Made to measure for falabellas shetlands etc; ¾" web with adjustable head strap and choice of adjustable or fixed, padded nose band,

Colours available: Black, White, Brown, Red, Burgundy, Emerald, Forest, Royal, Navy, Bright Blue Yellow and Grey.

-click here to view colours-

Two tone available.

Measuring for a Headcollars (donkey or horse)
  1. measure04Measure A-A total nose band circumference.
  2. Measure A-B from nose band to throat strap.
  3. Measure B-B throat strap.
  4. Measure A-B-B-A from nose band, round poll and back to nose band.