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Modelled by "Chelsea"

b cotton web halter

Modelled by "Spot"

Slip Halters £10.50

Soft and strong ¾" tubular polyester web. Suitable for donkeys, ponies, large sheep, small cows, calves.

One size fits all.
In white only.

Soft, Tubular Polyester Web Halters £7.00
Made from ½in web. Fixed size upper nose band with 2 rings. Ideal for Lambs.
Ram, Ewe and Lamb sizes. In white only

Nylon Web Halters £7.00
Made from 1/2in nylon web in same style and sizes as soft, tubular halters. Available in the following colours.

Colours: Black, brown, white, grey, red, royal blue, navy blue, emerald, forest green, burgundy, yellow.

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