After eighteen years of opening our home turf to the world, Di and I have decided to retire.

After the 2020/2021 season, Llugwy Farm will no longer offer accommodation to the general public.

The Tack Room will continue to trade as before but "The Loft" is closing. Please see note at bottom of page.

A number of factors have led to this decision – advancing years, soaring costs, Covid19 and a couple of bad experiences with Airbnb bookings have all contributed. There is also the realisation that the expectations of visitors to the countryside are rapidly changing. When we started, we were catering for walkers, cyclists, bird watchers, anglers, kids, and adults, who wanted to meet the friendly sheep and ponies and people who just generally wanted to get out and about in a rural setting.

Now the trend seems to be that everyone stays indoors with the central heating set to 32° and expects hot tubs, high-speed broadband, pizzas and curries delivered to the door and Netflix on a TV with a screen the size of Wiltshire. We don’t have any of that.

The above made us examine the situation and we realised that the minimal return was not worth the effort we put into the business or the stress of dealing with people who booked online through a third party without researching the accommodation and arrived, delivered by sat-nav, without a clue where they were. We're getting too old for all that.

We’ve had some fun over the years, watched children grow up and made many good friends but the time has come to call a halt.

We will still cater, in a private, limited way, for family and friends (including those guests who became friends) over the summer months.

Stay safe, stay happy, Andy and Di.

Note: Sadly, Andy passed away 12.01.21. I have decided to re-open the Loft. If you are interested in having a holiday here after reading the above, please contact me for full details. Di.

Address: Llugwy Farm, Llanbister Road, Powys, Wales, LD1 5UT

Telephone: 01547 550641